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Rosenbauer vifta RTE AX B16 Battery/Rafmagn

Vörunúmer: EGENRO514081

Optimizes air performance and running time.
The practical battery-powered decive is driven by an environmentally friendly and very efficient electric motor that causes no exhaust emissions, and the noise level at the point of use is also significantly minimized.

One powerful battery
The lithium-ion battery of the RTE AX B16 is extremely efficient and a lasting energy supplier. It is among the most modern on the market and - thanks to its intelligent battery management system - ensures a long service life and long running times. The battery delivers 953 watt hours, which corresponds to continuous operation for 60 min at full power. This makes it easy to master every operational situation.

Two operating modes
The RTE AX B16 can be powered by a rechargeable battery or via the power grid. This enables fast commissioning at the beginning of an operation. Even if the 60 minutes running time at full power of the fan is sufficient for most applications: should it take longer, an uninterrupted change from battery to mains operation during operation is possible. If even more air volume is required at short notice, BOOST mode is also available.

Battery FAN - RTE AX B16
Motor outbut/battery capacity - 1.25kW/26.1 Ah
Air outlet diameter approx - 16"/410 mm
Air flow rate according to ISO 5801 - 5.154m3/h
Thrust according to ISO 13350 - 21.6 N
Dimensions (WxHxD) - 520x600x355mm
Weight - approx 25kg
Battery operating running time 100% - 60min
Battery operating runninng time at BOOST - 30mín

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